With over 350 languages being spoken today, the US is a nation of immense diversity. Translation sites are available online but their “free” services are anything but. In fact, online translation providers make all of the data they touch public, meaning anything you send for translation becomes publishable—and distributable. They also don’t let you work with PDFs and numerous other file types. Xerox Easy Translator provides a “no trace” option to ensure there will be no record of your data in the machine translation engine—guaranteeing security of your information.

Translate securely from anywhere, at any time, in 35+ languages.

Xerox Easy Translator Service is a unique cloud translation service, offering a fast, affordable, and convenient way to translate documents, scans, and snapshots anytime and anywhere.

Use your mobile device app to get machine translation whenever you need to generate a draft document quickly. Or utilize our web portal and upgrade to human translation services for all of your official or customer-facing documents. You can submit a variety of document formats for translation through the web portal or submit document images through the ConnectKey app or iOS/Android mobile app.

There’s a Web portal you can access to use the same machine-generated translation service, but the Xerox Easy Translator Web portal also has human-translated tiers to choose from. There’s Express, which is machine-translated but includes human post-editing; Professional, which offers a human translator and editor; and Expert, which the company says offers “flawless print-ready documents by professionals with subject area expertise.” It can take a few hours to receive your translated document with these human-translated tiers, though.

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