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Airwolf AW3D Axiom 3D Printer


The AW3D AXIOM Offers High Resolution, Speed and Ease-of-Use


  • CoreXY Motion Control System
  • Active Automatic Bed Leveling System
  • Easy Feed Filament System
  • High Strength Extruded Aluminum and Injection Molded Polycarbonate Enclosure
  • Fully Enclosed Print Theater
  • .50 orifice nozzle (.35 orifice nozzle  is optional)
  • (1) Double Sided Flex-resistant Glass
  • (1) 2oz bottle of Wolfbite Premium Adhesive Solution
  • (1) 2 pound spool of ABS filament (3 mm)
  • I year parts and labor Warranty
  • 6 months unlimited Technical Support
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Why AW3D AXIOM 3D Printer?

AXIOM’s fully enclosed print chamber provides a thermally stable environment which minimizes the incidence of warpage while providing optimal print quality,
especially when applied to very large 3D prints.

The AXIOM automatically calibrates its print bed ensuring optimal bed leveling and head spacing before beginning every print.

AXIOM’s End-User Replacement Cassette enables users to rapidly replace components or to install device upgrades which minimizes downtime and extends the AXIOM’s service life.

AXIOM draws new filament into its print head automatically.
The silky smooth CoreXY motion control system used in the AXIOM provides unparalleled speed (250mm/s print, 400mm/s traverse), precision, and print quality.

AXIOM’s improved JrX hotend reaches temperatures of 315°C (599°F) and is designed to resist troublesome clogs.

The AXIOM’s 1000 in³ build volume allows for very large 3D prints making it the ideal desktop solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing functional products.

With a minimum layer height of just 40 microns the AXIOM can produce ultra-fine detail while minimizing the striated appearance common to FFF style 3D printers.

AXIOM is capable of printing in most thermoplastic materials including high-temperature polycarbonate and nylon filaments.

AXIOM in Action


SIZE 12.5″ x8″ x10″ (build volume)

SPEED 250 mm/s print

FEATURE CoreXY Motion Control

MATERIALS 30+ Materials, and growing!