Investment casting has been successful in creating near net shapes for thousands of years. While the process has significant advantages, the high cost and time involved in the creation of tooling have limited the casting industry.

Quickparts solutions provides direct cast patterns produced with Rapid Prototyping (RP) technology, allowing more designs to be cast without the initial expense and time to fabricate wax pattern tooling.

Quickparts Solutions offers high quality, finished, cast ready patterns

Quickparts’ team of specialists provides special expertise in investment castings by providing customers the highest quality investment casting patterns as well as expert advice on the appropriateness of investment castings versus other approaches in the spectrum of product development processes.

There are several 3D printing processes which can be used to build investment casting patterns.  Each process has advantages and disadvantages and none are optimum for all casting applications.


Quickparts offers 3 different technologies so you can choose the option that is best for your application.

QuickCast™ Patterns
QuickCast™ is an SLA® build style trademarked by 3D Systems and was created to meet the needs of the Investment Casting industry.  The QuickCast build style consists of a hollow stereolithography pattern with an internal hexagonal support structure that adds strength to the pattern, allows for easy drainage, and facilitates collapse of the pattern during thermal expansion to help avoid cracking the shell. (Read More)

QuickCast Benefits:
Provides invaluable shrink and gating information prior to hard tooling, large pattern size, smooth surfaces, faster than using tooling to create wax patterns.


ProJet® Wax Patterns
Given their preferences, many foundries would prefer to work with wax patterns. Our Professional 3D Printers fit the requirements for accurate, reliable processing and build excellent wax patterns directly that are easily cast by any foundry. Using the MultiJet Modeling (MJM) Technology, 3D Systems’ 3D ProJet Printers build accurate, high definition wax patterns for direct investment casting. (Read More)

ProJet Wax Pattern Benefits:
High definition, quick lead time, range of finishes and resolutions.


Castform Patterns
Utilizing 3D Systems’ CastForm™ PS material, patterns are 3D printed for use in the metal casting processes. CastForm patterns are best suited for automotive and machine components that do not demand a fine surface finish. (Read More)

CastForm Benefits:
Shrinks in autoclave, reduced casting failure, easy processing.



QuickCast PatternsProJet Wax PatternsCastForm Patterns
Build Envelope59”x29”x20”11.75”x7.3”x8”34”x17”x19”
Melt out?No. Pattern must be burned out of shell.YesNo. Pattern must be burned out of shell.
AccuracyExcellentExcellentVery Good
Surface FinishExcellentVery GoodGood
Ease of CastingGoodExcellentVery Good