Introducing the new voice recognition enable Xerox CONNECTKEY print and copy solution.

Artificial Intelligence is the future. According to an article by TrendForce, “development of AI systems and their applications will continue to revolve around voice and image recognition technologies in 2017.”

At Image Source, we are making waves in innovation and artificial intelligence with the newly released voice recognition enabled GABI by Vision-e. GABI represents a voice recognition solution with Global Artificial Business Intelligence and cyber security by design.

Powered by the cognitive brain of IBM Watson, GABI is a multilingual solution supporting 10 different languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, English.

The Gabi solution allows businesses to streamline their print and copy needs like making copies, scanning documents to email, scan to Dropbox, Supply Inventory & Ordering, Troubleshooting and more. It also saves time and allows for interaction with multifunction printers nearly hands-free.

Common Commands

  • GABI, tell Xerox to submit meter reads.
  • GABI, ask Xerox how much toner do I have?
  • GABI, ask Xerox about my machine.
  • GABI, tell Xerox to submit a service ticket.
  • GABI, ask Xerox if I have enough to print 500 pages?
  • GABI, tell Xerox to order supplies.
  • GABI, tell Xerox to make a copy
  • GABI, tell Xerox to make five copies.
  • GABI, ask Xerox who is my sales rep?
  • GABI, ask Xerox how do I upgrade my device?

Voice recognition (VR) technology offers many benefits including:

  • Security – automated identification
  • Remove uncertainty of available features
  • Speed and Productivity
  • Flexibility

In addition, VR technology benefits customers with:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Poor or limited motor skills
  • Vision impairments


* Gabi is compatible with the AltaLink line of MFPs.