Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

13.76″ x 20.50″ Max Image Area 1200 x 1200 True High Definition DPI 60-270 gsm Paper Weight Up to 18,000 Images Per Hour 6,000,000 Recommended Duty Cycle A Brilliant Engine, Built on Inspired Innovation. Transformative Performance and Economics Delivered Through Inspired Innovation Inspired Innovation with signature image quality powered by Automated Intelligence High Fusion print … Read More

Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press

13.11 x 20.25 Max Image Area 600 x 600 DPI 60-220 gsm Paper Weight Up to 18,000 Images Per Hour 6,000,000 Recommended Duty Cycle Add measurable value to your business. Xerox® Brenva® HD Production Inkjet Press is a perfect fit for your budget, the needs of your customers, and the future of your business. Each … Read More

Iridesse Production Press

120 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 52-400 gsm Paper Weight 2.25 Million Impressions Duty Cycle 225,000–475,000 Avg Monthly Print Volume Create more “wow” per page and more opportunities for print. The Xerox Iridesse Production Press offers all the hallmarks of a digital press – personalization, economical short runs, and agile production – enhanced … Read More

Xerox D95A/D110/D125/D136 Copier/Printer

100-136 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 52-253 gsm Paper Weight 300,000 Pages Monthly Duty Cycle 70,000-700,000 Avg Monthly Print Volume The power to print more for less, and excite your customers. For printing-intensive environments, such as pay-for-print shops and centralized reprographic departments, and in education, healthcare and many other industries, we engineered the … Read More

iGen 5 Digital Press

90-150 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 60-350 gsm Paper Weight 3-4.5 million pages Duty Cycle 500K-1 million pages Avg Monthly Print Volume Build the press and the business you’ve always wanted No one knows your business, or what you need to succeed, better than you do. Chances are, you need what Xerox has … Read More

Color 800i/1000i Presses

80-100 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 55-350 gsm Paper Weight 1.5-1.75 million Monthly Duty Cycle 12.83″ x 19.05 Max Print Area Digitally Mastered For Fine-Tuned Image Quality Utilizing low melt Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Dry Ink and new fusing technology, Xerox® Color 800i/1000i Presses bring you a wide color gamut that can produce vibrant … Read More

NUVERA 200/288/314 EA Perfecting Production Systems

200-314 Pages Per Minute 4800 x 600 DPI 44-300 gsm Paper Weight 300,000 Pages Monthly Duty Cycle 2,400,000 Avg Monthly Print Volume The Xerox Nuvera® 200/288/314 EA Perfecting Production System offers you extraordinary image quality The result of today’s most progressive monochrome technology, coupled with customer-focused engineering, the Xerox Nuvera relies on revolutionary EA fine … Read More

NUVERA 100/120/144/157 EA Production Systems

100-157 Pages Per Minute 4,800 x 600 DPI 44-300 Paper Weight 2.8-4.7 Mil Monthly Duty Cycle 500K-2.2Mil Avg Monthly Print Volume Productivity, scalability and professional image quality, all-in-one. You can expect exceptional output and a healthy return on your investment for every application you create with the Xerox Nuvera® 100/120/144/157 EA Production System. It offers … Read More

Versant 3100 Press

100 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 52-350 gsm Paper Weight 1.2 Million Prints Monthly Duty Cycle 250,000 Avg Monthly Print Volume Improve margins. Grow profits. Step up to the most advanced press in the Versant® Family. The Xerox® Versant 3100 Press delivers more of what you need in a high-volume print solution. Speed, … Read More

Versant 180 Press

80 Pages Per Minute 2400 x 2400 DPI 52-350 gsm Paper Weight 750,000 Pages Monthly Duty Cycle 80,000 Avg Monthly Print Volume Achieve benchmark quality and advance your capabilities with the Xerox Versant 180 Press. The Versant Family of Presses is known for high quality and easy automation, and the ability to print on a … Read More