PARC and Nomura Research Institute (NRI) Sign MOU to Better Serve Globally

ARC research expertise and NRI consulting and IT integration experience helps customers drive new innovations JAN 06, 2016 — RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PALO ALTO, Calif. —  PARC, A Xerox Company, and Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) today announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), formalizing a comprehensive partnership to better serve forward-looking global … Read More

American Wind: micro footprint, macro output

American Wind uses 3D printing from Quickparts to defy ‘bigger is better’ argument for wind turbines. Robert Yost can identify with Nikola Tesla, the genius inventor who advocated AC to Thomas Edison’s DC electrical power. Like Tesla, Yost has a lofty vision: Using very small turbines called MicroCubes to transform the process of turning wind … Read More

The Death of Printed and Mailed Bills and Statements is Highly Exaggerated

Over the last year, the Infotrends research and consulting teams have worked with transactional printers that print bills and statements and have learned that there are two very different opinions about the future of bills and statements. One group believes that printed bills and statements will remain critically important to consumers and they are investing … Read More

How to Get a Fresh Start in 2016

As the last days of 2015 wind down, it’s wise to keep your return clearly in mind. Use some of your remaining time this year to prepare yourself to return in January and be productive right out of the gate. Getting ready to do this can be easier than you think. 3 small fixes to … Read More

Xerox Fax Forward Turns Fax to E-mail

Have you ever wished that the fax you received would have just been emailed to you? Well have we got a feature for you. The Fax Forward to E-mail feature can be used to automatically forward fax jobs to an e-mail address to save paper and speed retrieval and distribution. The printer can be configured … Read More

Logging In as System Administrator on Your Xerox Printer

Do you know how to log in as the System Administrator on your Xerox printer or multifunction device? The system administrator mode allows you to access many accounting, security and gives you access to change default modes on the machine. The machines come with a default username and password. The password can be changed to … Read More

Xerox® IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management

Calling all production and press users let’s talk color management. Are the greens in Peoria too blue? Are the reds in Saskatchewan too orange? Managing color on each individual device can create inconsistencies in color from machine to machine and location to location. IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management is a cloud-based color management that is seamlessly … Read More

Get Ready for 2016

Happy New Year!! We have reached the end of 2015 We hope you had a productive 2015 and to ensure you start off right in the New Year there are a few things you can do to make sure your Xerox Printer or Multifunction Device is ready for a productive 2016. Make sure to clean … Read More

Salary Research for Interns, Co-op Students, and Recent Graduates

Internships, co-op student work programs, and recent graduate hiring initiatives have much to offer your organization: A unique, motivated, and affordable resource for temporary but immediate project needs A way to evaluate potential employees A source of new perspectives on old problems An enhanced corporate image in the community The competitive advantage is clear, but … Read More

Servicing the Internet of Things and the New Digital Economy

By Chuck Brooks, Vice President and Client Executive, Department of Homeland Security We are emerging into a digital era comprised of more than 50 billion connected devices, smart cities, smart homes, smart businesses, and smart governments. Almost everything and anything will be interfaced with sensors and fully automated in the near future. It’s safe to … Read More

Courts Go Digital, Reap Rewards

by Marlene Martineau, Project Manager, Justice Solutions, Xerox In a world of smartphones, email and eBooks our interaction with technology and digital information is constantly expanding. Consumer applications get the most press, but the evolution of computer-based solutions has also changed how government operate behind the scenes. E-filing, for example, makes a huge difference in … Read More

Need Deeds? Cook County Makes E-Filing Virtually Automatic

by Matt Armstrong, Senior Account Executive, Xerox Local Government Solutions Every minute spent on paperwork feels like a wasted minute. If you want to make constituents and employees happy, transform a time-consuming, manual office process to an automatic and seamless one. That’s what we and Cook County, Illinois are doing – launching a new program … Read More

The Future of Customer Care for Public Sector

by Helen Barton, SVP, Operations and Customer Care Leader for Public Sector Golf legend Ben Hogan says, “The most important shot in golf is the next one” and even though I’m not an avid golfer, I think this applies perfectly to the current state of customer care and the necessary changes on the horizon. According … Read More

A Near-Miss at the New York Times Provides a Records Management Wake-Up Call

by De Ana Thompson, Director, New Product & Business Development & Installation, Xerox Local Government Solutions De Ana ThompsonThis fall, a news assistant at the New York Times received an assignment that required him to go to the morgue, a storage area in the sub-basement near The Times’ headquarters. The news assistant needed an old … Read More

Insights for Government Agencies

By Pat Elizondo, senior vice president, Global Sales & Marketing, Government & Transportation As a government “for and by the people,” the requirement for providing and responding to constituent needs is a top priority for government agencies. This statement is perhaps more evident than ever. Why? The population trends in urban migration as well as … Read More

18 Ways Workflow Automation Changes the Game for Insurers

Of all the process-driven, document-centric businesses, few compare with the insurance business for volume and complexity. Whatever your line of business or role, the job probably involves forms, applications, payments, claims and many other documents. Fortunately new approaches have come to market that transform many document-based insurance processes from manual slogs to accelerated growth opportunities. … Read More

3D Printing Turns Creative Young Mind Into Entrepreneur

Most 8-year-olds have hobbies, but not all hobbies revolve around developing and running a business. As Founder and Chief Creator of MAX’IS Creations, Inc., suffice it to say Max Ash is not your average 8-year-old. A remarkable point to keep in mind is that Max struggles with dyslexia, a learning disability that can affect a … Read More

3D Printing Aids Reconstruction of Man’s Face

What have you eaten today, and what did you think about before taking that first bite? How it would taste and satisfy your cravings, or whether or not you would physically be able to chew it? For years, the simple yet crucial act of eating has been a challenge for Blessing Makwera. Growing up in … Read More

3D Scanning and Geomagic Design X Aid Emory Motorsports’ Porsche Renovation

Emory Motorsports has over 25 years of experience in the Porsche renovation market, but even with a quarter-century’s expertise under their belts, certain tasks give them pause. Transferring a 1965nPorsche 356 car body onto a more recent 911 Carrera 4-wheel-drive chassis, for example. Many questions came to mind at the outset. Quite broadly: How? What … Read More

Full Color 3D Printing Takes Halo 5 Off-Screen

If you’re into video games or know someone who is, you’re well aware of the strong connection between gamer and avatar. Now, through collaboration with 3D Systems and Microsoft, Sandboxr is making that connection more real for XBOX Halo 5 players. As the latest addition to Sandboxr’s Digital to Doorstep™ platform, $29.99 is all that … Read More

Full Color 3D Printed Cadavers Aid Medical Learning Without the Red Tape

You can order a lot of things online these days, and now that includes cadavers. If you’re wondering how this could possibly be sane or sanitary, let alone legal, the operative magic words are “3D printed.” In an effort to provide medical students and future surgeons with adequate, safe and accurate training materials, Australia’s Monash … Read More