Does Your Business Rely on Physical Documents? How to Save on Printing Expenses

Although streamlined digital technology does help keep businesses productive and efficient, document printing is nonetheless an essential part of most business operations. While printers might seem as technologically ancient as rotary phones, the truth is that printing technology has evolved considerably in the past few years, and has been engineered to be cost-effective and energy-efficient. … Read More

Quick Guide To Cloud Computing – Free Download

We’ve all heard of the “cloud.” And most us use it routinely, whether we realize it or not. Originally, the word “cloud” was a metaphor to describe how networks were connected on the internet. The term has morphed into “The Cloud” but in reality cloud services don’t exist in one place. In operational terms, cloud … Read More

How Multifunction Office Printers Benefit Your Business

Digital communications devices have a multitude of uses. Even the most basic smartphone also functions as a camera, video recorder, GPS tracker, multiple internet browsers, clock, stopwatch, and mp3 player! Bundled features aren’t unique to smartphones, either. Even “smart” appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves have an abundance of additional uses. So, it makes sense … Read More

Office Printer Profile: Xerox Versalink C9000 Series Color Multifunction Printer

If you need reliably glorious, life-like color printing capabilities and high-grade color management features, the Versalink C9000 Series Color Multifunction Printer might be the device for you. Here’s why it’s a winner. Reliability The Versalink C9000 was designed to function in high-paced office environments that require printouts to deliver exceptional color and vibrancy. Upon its … Read More

Don’t Think You Need An Office Printer? Think Again!

There are relatively few common items that don’t have a digital option. From refrigerators, to books, to bicycles — nearly everything comes with internet connectivity. This being the case, it’s understandable that many offices decide to go paperless because there are numerous smart options that allow for remarkable flexibility and productivity without the apparent need … Read More

Keeping Your Business’s Data Secure with Managed IT Support Services

Data Security with Managed IT Support Services | Image Source Your business’s success is dependent upon the quality of your IT support services — particularly if you’re business involves eCommerce. Having strong IT support offers your business the protection it needs from malign actors and cyber-attacks, which can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars … Read More

IT Managed Services for Remote Work: How IT Support Can Help Your Transition

Many businesses are transitioning to remote work due to the COVID-19 crisis, which is causing numerous challenges for businesses of all sizes. If your organization is going to stay viable, it is critical that you overcome these challenges and even discover new ways of optimizing your business operations. By reaching out to IT managed support … Read More

Managed IT Services and Cybersecurity: Why Managed IT is Essential for Protecting Data

No business can function efficiently without technology. Unfortunately, the technology that is essential for operating an efficient and successful business also presents countless threats to valuable and sensitive data. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly trying to subvert digital security measures, so businesses must stay vigilant about keeping their cybersecurity resources robust, and maintain managed IT … Read More

Xerox Workplace Mobile App – The touchless office starts here!

Going into the office? Here’s an office safety plan: Bring your own printer interface. The Xerox® Workplace Mobile App lets you copy, scan and print right from your phone — which nobody touches but you. Get more out of your printer through your mobile device. The Xerox® Workplace Mobile App gives you the personal contactless connection … Read More

Xerox AltaLink C8170 Win’s CRN’s multifunction printer of the year!

CRN editors compiled the top partner-friendly products and services that launched over the past year, then turned to solution providers to choose the winners. “Part of its new AltaLink C8100 series of multifunction printers (MFPs), Xerox’s AltaLink C8170 enhances productivity with the ability to use an array of on-device apps and with advanced capabilities such … Read More

Xerox Wins 2021 Software Line of the Year

Xerox Corporation Wins Buyers Lab 2021 Software Line of the Year Award, Ranked Best Overall in Keypoint Intelligence Solutions Study  To determine the Software Line of the Year Award recipient, Keypoint Intelligence’s experienced analysts consider the imaging software each leading OEM officially sells and supports via its direct and independent sales channels. The vendor’s own … Read More

Should I Lease or Buy Office Equipment?

If your business has large volume copying requirements, having an on-site copier or printer will help you keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently. Copiers and printers range from small models that might be equally suited for home use, to large, high-end laser printers with multiple connectivity capabilities that can make thousands of copies daily. … Read More

Change The Game Webinar

2020 has been a year of disruption! How do you pivot from that to business advantage? It’s time to change the game! Join us with Scale Computing & Visual Edge IT on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 11 am PST for a free webinar. The subject matter experts will help you understand the cost of … Read More


TERRIFYING TECHNOLOGY TALES …and how to avert the terror FREE WEBINAR October 28, 2020 @ 11am They may not go bump in the night, but they just might go bump in your technology infrastructure. Cyberattacks are a terrifying reality keeping business owners on high alert. As hackers and cybercriminals get smarter, businesses have to adapt to make … Read More

Xerox Adaptive CMYK+Kits wins Buyers Lab award for Outstanding Innovation

A gold medal for gold ink? We’re so thrilled the Adaptive CMYK+ Kit for Xerox Versant printers, which lets you print in gold, silver, fluorescent and clear glaze, has been recognized with a Buyers Lab award for Outstanding Innovation! With just a few simple steps—and in about ten minutes—you can remove your CMYK toner set … Read More

Reopening The Workplace Checklist

As businesses across the country reopen their doors, the most important questions they’re asking themselves are how to effectively prepare their workplace, their employees, their technology and their customers. Business owners must not only update their workplace, staff and customer support procedures but also communicate those updates to employees and customers. To help with these … Read More

Download the Free Clean Hands Reminder Screen Saver

Xerox® Clean Hands Reminder Screen Saver for AltaLink®, VersaLink®, and PrimeLink® is a free friendly screen-saver like a reminder to users to maintain proper hygiene to protect themselves and co-workers and without intrusion.

Xerox Touchless Technologies

Image Source has a range of touchless technologies that will allow employees to use many of the Xerox VersaLink, AltaLink and I-Series printers with minimal or no direct physical contact. These solutions enable a flexible, seamless, and safe working environment with Xerox Workplace Mobile apps and Xerox Workplace Solutions. Touchless Scanning Touchless Secure Release Touchless … Read More

Visual Edge IT is now a Microsoft Gold Partner

We are pleased to announce that Visual Edge IT is now a Microsoft Gold Partner. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft’s most highly accredited members and demonstrate best-in-class capability within specific Microsoft solution areas. Cloud Productivity Microsoft 365 and all inherent applications Small & Mid Market Cloud Solutions Microsoft 365 and Azure Solutions The Microsoft … Read More

Reducing The Costs and Complexity of IT With a Managed Services Provider

THE VALUE OF A HELPING HAND Managed Service Providers can decrease the overall IT support costs of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) by as much as 30% to 50%. While a managed service provider can most assuredly assume full responsibility for IT operations, and operate as a remote IT department if desired, they can … Read More

Xerox Note Converter App

Sixty percent of business people that write notes by hand type them up after the meeting.* What if there were an easier way to get your notes off the page and into the hands of your coworkers? Using Google AI technology, the Xerox® Note Converter App lets you turn handwritten notes into legible, editable and shareable … Read More

Free Guide – The Age Of The Remote Workforce

The age of the remote workforce is upon us. In fact, Global Workplace Analytics states that since 2005, the percentage of the non-self-employed remote workers has grown by 115 percent. That’s nearly ten times faster than the rest of the workforce! Download The eGuide This offers a unique opportunity for both businesses and employees, contributing … Read More