The Xerox/Agent Relationship

Down the street. Around the corner. The office downstairs on the sixth floor. No matter where you are, chances are there's a Xerox Authorized Sales Agent near you.
But being close to you is only one reason to choose a local Xerox Sales Agent for all your office products and document service needs. As independent business people and exclusive representatives of The Document Company, Xerox, your local Xerox Sales Agents can offer you the best of both worlds.
The flexibility and responsiveness you'd expect from a local business entrepreneur combined with the power and resources of the recognized leader in the office products and document services business - Xerox Corporation. Together with Xerox, image Source offers you the widest array of office products and document solutions available anywhere:

  • Integrated, networked and digital document solutions
  • Color Printers and copiers
  • Monochrome copiers from 14 to over 100 pages per minute
  • Multifunction fax systems that perform printing, faxing and scanning
  • Color laser printers and networkable black-and-white printers that can
    put the impact of color and low-cost productivity right at your desktop
  • World-class products
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Knowledgeable professionals


You can find all of the above at a image Source location right in your neighborhood. You'll value the flexibility, response and personal attention that's only possible from someone who -just like you- understands the special needs and challenges of growing companies and businesses.
Work with an award-winning team.

When you work with image Source, you get the best of both worlds: face-to-face, personal service, along with the resources, products and proven history of a world leader in office equipment. For example, any company would consider it a rare honor to win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award just once in a lifetime. Xerox has won it twice in 1989 and 1997. Among other significant accomplishments, Xerox recently became the first (and only) document management technology company awarded the J. D. Powers and Associates Certification for Outstanding Technical Service and Support.


The PrintCare Program

PrintCare is a value-driven professional service enabling clients to design and implement an effective print solution targeted at improving all aspects of today’s challenging print requirements. PrintCare has been designed to anticipate end user needs, enhance performance, control spending and reduce the traditional burden on IT.
We are here to help with what you are looking for regarding your Managed Print devices.


We’re here to help you transform your business.

Print Care Assessment


Expert consultants will review your current output services infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations and reduce cost.



Working with your IT staff, our team will develop short and long-range plans to improve print services management and enhance capabilities for your business.



Our team will deploy software, optimize hardware and establish best practice and training as needed, ensuring that your business maximizes productivity and cost-savings



Using the same tools Xerox has developed for global enterprises, our team will automate print management, including troubleshooting and repair, supplies tracking and ordering and usage monitoring.

Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability

At image Source, sustainability is our way of doing business. We have aligned our goals for the environment and health and safety in five key areas to sustain and protect the world we live in. Together with our suppliers and customers we strive to maintain the highest standards to preserve our environment and protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Transforming the Way the World Works

For all the ways in which technology has enriched our lives in recent years, it’s also produced some challenges. The more we automate, the faster we move, the farther we reach – the greater our expectations become.

The result: dramatic contrasts. We want our goods and services faster, better – but less expensive. We want our businesses to thrive and expand – but also deliver personalized products and services. We want openness and transparency but also privacy and security.

Anywhere you look in today’s economy, you’ll find these seeming contradictions – banking, fast food, health care, education, public service, transportation, HR and beyond. For organizations and governments both big and small, the difference between success and failure is the ability to adapt.

That’s what Xerox is all about – resolving the toughest, most paradoxical problems via a pragmatic approach we call business engineering. What we've done throughout our history remains true today… engineering the way the world works.


Image Source, Copiers & Copier Supplies, San Bernardino, CA